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Economic liberty and growth bring jobs and prosperity.  I will work to lower taxes and decrease regulatory and compliance burdens in our state to relieve Michigan taxpayers, encourage new business formation by Michigan entrepreneurs, and encourage other businesses to locate in Michigan to provide jobs.  


Government needs to be wise and frugal when spending your money.  I will work to decrease the size and cost of government and improve fiscal discipline, always keeping in mind that it is your money being spent, not the government's.  


Michigan taxes are too high, and compliance is too complicated.  I will work to both lower taxes and simplify compliance to encourage new business growth and job creation.


I will defend parents' rights to choose the education that is best for their children (whether government, private, or home), and their right to be heard and respected regarding what their children are taught.  I will also work to give disadvantaged students an opportunity to choose the school that is best for them (public or private) through the use of opportunity vouchers and scholarship programs that have for too long been denied to Michigan students.  


One of government's main jobs is to provide for the safety of its citizens.  I will work to make sure that our law enforcement agencies and officers have the funding and training that they need to keep our community safe for everyone.  I will also make it a priority to ensure that crime victims are treated fairly and with dignity.  

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